Hail the Villain – Population Declining

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Gênero: Hard Rock
Ano: 2010
Artista: Hail the Villain
Álbum: Population Declaning
Gravadora: Roadrunner
Tamanho: 39 MBs ~
Formato: mp3
Dados do disco:
The band The band came together in 2003 after Bryan Crouch quit school. Hail the Villain was originally called Farenheit in 2003. The band members Bryan Crouch, Joseph Stamp, Drew Dockrill and Chad Taylor drew eclectic audiences with their unique brand of rock. In early 2006, Farenheit changed their band name to Hail the Villain. In the spring of 2009, Hail The Villain made a record deal with Warner Music Canada. By the summer of 2010 Roadrunner Records had come on board to release the album in the United States. The album is called Population: Declining, it will be released on June 8.
1. Take Back The Fear
2. My Reward
3. Runaway
4. 16 Cradles
5. Evil Has A Name
6. Try Hating The World
7. Glad To Be
8. Blackout
9. Pyro
10. Mission Control
11. Swan Dive Suicide
12. Social Graces

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